Central Thailand

Khao Yai

Our outdoor adventure and mountain biking programs are held at the Wild Lodge in Khao Yai. This picturesque eco-adventure center is run by the Wild Planet, an outdoor education provider who has worked with international schools, such as NIST, ISB and Pattana, on field trips and excursions for more than 20 years.

The lodge is perfect for outdoor exploration, set on four-acres of wilderness, dotted with cozy lodges where campers will have comfortable beds, a campsite, a salt-water infinity pool, a reading sala, and dining area.  There’s even a challenge course for the more intrepid campers, complete with a zip-line, rope cables, timber platforms and aerial elements designed to promote individual confidence and social cooperation.

The traditionally designed lodges have high roofs with exposed trusses and ventilation panels placed high in the eaves. Hot air rises and the main lodge rooms stay cool and pleasant. The roofs are covered with modern 21st-century shingles, chosen for their class-one fire resistance and longevity.

All rooms have ceiling fans and as part of our eco-friendly ethos, the cabins are not air-conditioned. This helps teach the kids about sustainability and leaving the smallest possible footprint on the surrounds. We also believe that a little bit of roughing it is part of the back-to-nature summer camp experience. Plus, the air in Khao Yai is so fresh, we want the children to enjoy it directly from the source.

All cabins have a large balcony, back conservatory and private bathroom with rain shower. The main room is a spacious 36 square meters. Some lodges have a second-floor mezzanine with an additional sleeping area in the loft.

The Wild Lodge is located on the south side of Khao Yai national park.

Northern Thailand

During our rafting and cave exploration program, we will be camping out at the below locations. For a detailed daily schedule please view the rafting program here.

Nong Bua Camp, Muang Khong Valley

The Muang Khong valley base features Thai-style salas with a full kitchen and first-aid facilities (including O2 and SW radio) and forms our base camp for programs within the Myang Khong Valley. This location is approximately 2.5 hours from Chiang Mai.

Students sleep either in our safari-style tents or three-person expedition tents. The Wild Planet also has a community and service project coffee plantation situated on the hill behind the camp.

Pak Koh Lam

Students spend one night in the Karen village of Pak Koh Lam. They will stay in dormitory-style longhouses split between boys and girls. Toilets are available with basic cold-water showers and it is also possible to bathe in the river that runs alongside the camp areas.


Muang Khut

The Muang Khut base is our final base on the rafting expedition, once we have descended from the Muang Khong Valley. The lodge also has Thai-style salas with a full kitchen and first-aid facilities (including 02 and SW radio). There are separate shower and toilet blocks for boys and girls. Kids sleep here in three-person expedition tents.