Mountain Biking Expedition

Mountain Biking Expedition


Only 9 spots left!

Age: 11 - 15 Years
Price: 21,000 THB
Sibling discount: 19,000 THB

02 - 06 July

16 - 20 July

The hills of Khao Yai

Now offering a discount of 2,000 THB per child = 21,000 per child, 19,000 THB for siblings. This camp is also held at the Wild Lodge, but the program is focussed on cycling and will include an overnight excursion. We'll cycle into the mystical hills of Khao Yai and camp at a nearby homestay (but we'll return for the final night bonfire at the Wild Lodge so we don't miss out on roasting S'mores). Campers will bike up hills, along ridges overlooking valleys, across streams, through overgrown jungles, along bright-green rice paddies,  through small villages, and see an untouched side of Thailand that few experiences.

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Activities overview

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Amazing trails

On this four-night cycling camp, we will traverse the backroads and jungle trails of Central Thailand.   We will be riding front-suspended 28-speed bikes and protective equipment will be worn at all time. After two days of training on stunning single-track routes in Khao Ito and through the surrounding eucalyptus forest, the cycling group will embark on an overnight challenge, biking through the jungle to Wang Bon Reservoir, a jade-green lake surrounded by forested hills, and stopping at charming homestay to spend the night. This is the chance for our older campers to learn both cycling and survival skills, as they'll need to handle food preparation, navigation and route planning.