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Chiang Mai Rafting & Caving

Chiang Mai Rafting & Caving


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Age: 12 - 15 Years
Price: 24,000 THB
Sibling discount: 22,000 THB

06 - 10 August

White water rapids

See the misty mountains, wild jungles, and roiling river rapids of the Muang Khong valley in northern Thailand on this four-night rafting excursion down the Mae Teng River. The majority of the trip will be spent rafting, but along the way, you'll stop to explore the labyrinthine Tham Kii Mii cave network, kayak around a cobalt-blue lake, climb the limestone pitches of Doi Khii Mii and wander the forests and jungles of Doi Chang Dao nature reserve.

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Activities overview

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Riverside Thrills

Bring your sense of adventure to this rafting excursion where we'll take on up to class-five rapids. You'll learn how to handle a raft through whitewater and get a hands-on lesson in teamwork as we glide down a landscape that looks pulled right out of Jurrasic Park. On our descent of the Mae Teng River, we'll stop at remote Karen hill tribes to set up camp, kindle a bonfire, and feast on homemade Thai food. You'll see the wild beauty of the northern countryside and learn a little about Thai culture and a lot about yourself.