Camp life

What to expect

Days are packed with activities, but there is also some downtime when the kids can play frisbee, football, or board games, swim or just chat. Students have a counselor assigned to them who checks in with them regularly about how things are going. If this is your child's first time away from home, please note that in the questionnaire so we can keep an extra eye out for them. In general, kids really love the experience and the days fly by!


There is no need to send money with your child as all activities, food and snacks will be provided. If you send your child with money, the camp cannot be held responsible for how it is spent or if it is lost.


All the instruction will be in English, but members of the team also speak Thai and Dutch.

Food at camp

The onsite chef will be cooking up a mix of healthy Thai and western cuisine. If your child has special dietary requirements, please note their needs in the registration form and we will make sure they are met.


All programs are supervised by a highly experienced team of Thai and expatriate staff, all of whom are medically trained. Our activities provider, The Wild Planet, was independently assessed and is BS 8848 compliant, which means they meet the rigorous standards required by the British Standard for “organising and managing visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the UK.”

You can read more about it here:

The Wild Planet staff have been certified by at least one and, in some cases, all of the following first aid training courses: Emergency First Response (EFR) Primary and Secondary Care, React Right Primary and Secondary Care, Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA) Wilderness First Responder. Comprehensive evacuation plans are in place for all locations and local clinics and hospitals are informed in advance of events in their area. First aid kits are carried on all activities. The Wild Planet Code of Practice is available on request and risk assessments can be provided for all activities, along with copies of local licensing and insurances.

What to bring to camp

Keep in mind that at camp clothes will get dirty and items are often lost, so please do not send your kids with trunks full of expensive clothing. A complete pack list will be sent to you once you’ve registered for the camp. Full equipment is provided for each camper for all activities. This will include personal flotation devices for water activities and harness and helmets for climbing activities.

If kids would like to bring their own mountain bike to camp, please contact us at

Medication or other assistance during camp

If your child is to take any medication while at camp, please enter the information in your registration form and present it to the staff at the check-in table at the departure location.

When sending medication to camp with your child, please provide any medications in a zip lock bag containing the following information: picture and name of the individual, detailed instructions about the medication, and how often and when the medication should be taken (e.g. before or after meals).

The Senior Camp counsellors will dispense medication as per parents written instructions. No medication should be kept or taken by students. Camp Sun Bear first aid kits contain general medications.


Campers do not need any previous experience for our Outdoor Adventure camp in Khao Yai. Full instruction will be given before any activity begins.

For the Mountainbiking Expedition, the children attending should be very comfortable on a bike and have previous experience of riding half to full days without any issues.

The Chiang Mai Rafting & Caving program does not require any past experience but campers must be 12 years of age or older as there will be a few rapids to traverse during the rafting descent and it takes some upper body strength.

For the exact age requirements and more please use our camp finder.

Sleeping arrangements

There are eight individual cabins that sleep up to eight campers at the Wild Lodge Khao Yai. Each cabin has a front balcony, a main room, and en-suite bathroom with a rain shower. The rooms have high ceilings and free-standing fans, designed to encourage natural ventilation. Beds with foam mattresses and clean linens will be provided. Boys and girls will be separated, and we will try to group the rooms by year level.

For the cycling program in Khao Yai we will be camping one night in a homestay resort.

During the rafting trip, each day we will be ascending down the river and we will camp out at different Wild Lodge properties.


Camp is a chance for your children to unplug from their online devices and tune into nature, so no personal cell phones or computers are permitted at camp. We also want to encourage independence, so we do not allow calls home unless there is an emergency. Rest assured, if your child isn't feeling well or having trouble adjusting, we'll reach out to you and come up with a plan together. And if you just want to see how your camper is doing, you can follow their activities through our Facebook page, which will be updated regularly with new photos.

Preparing for camp

Camp Sun Bear provides a rustic camp experience that encourages outdoor exploration and personal independence. We want the kids to be comfortable and have an amazing time, but it is not a resort, which means:

No maids

The staff will clean the bathrooms daily but it is up to the campers to keep their rooms tidy and beds made.

No air conditioners

All rooms have ceiling fans and as part of our eco-friendly ethos, the cabins are not air-conditioned. This helps teach the kids about sustainability and leaving the smallest possible footprint on the surrounds. We also believe that a little bit of roughing it is part of the back-to-nature summer camp experience. Plus, the air in Khao Yai is so fresh, we want the children to enjoy it directly from the source.

Yes bugs

This the great outdoors and we share it with local wildlife. Campers may see spiders, lizards, and frogs, and that's part of the fun. If your child is afraid of insects, please note it on the questionnaire so we are aware of it. We keep bug spray in all the common areas and haven't had many problems with mosquitos, though we recommend kids bring light-weight long pants for evening games to stay protected.

Yes independence

Camp is the opportunity for kids to cultivate a sense of independence, which also means taking responsibility. We remind all campers many times each day about sun safety (apply sunscreen, drink water, wear hats) and cleanliness (teeth-brushing, showering, etc.) and we expect the children who attend to be mature enough to follow instructions. Please speak to your child regarding the responsibility of independence and the importance of safety and hygiene prior to camp as a little preparation can go a long way.

Yes memories

While kids may have to sacrifice Egyptian cotton sheets, they'll have an immersive experience of nature that is impossible to duplicate in a five-star resort, and it is the kind of adventure that just might lead to a life-long love of the outdoors.